The History of
The Apostolic Church of Pentecost
Lindsay, Ontario

This article was written for the re-dedication of the church in September 2011.

Rev. Frank Small of Winnipeg, Manitoba came to Ontario in 1927 looking for a missing link to his wife’s relative chain. He discovered Lindsay in his searching. At the time, Rev. Small was the founder of the Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada, having chartered the organization in 1921.

As an Evangelist, he felt a need to conduct church services, and on November 6, 1927 held the first revival service at the Academy Theatre in Lindsay. Two services each Sunday were held, with midweek meetings in various homes and the Town Hall. Many came to know the Lord, and soon the Academy Theatre was too small to hold those in attendance.

November 20, 1927 the congregation moved to Arnold’s Hall on Kent Street (opposite the Town Hall). In 1928, the newly formed congregation purchased the Fulton Stewart Photography Shop at 155 Kent St. W. and became The Apostolic Temple. This location later became The Coles Shoe Store, and Johnson Jewellers, beside the present location of Scotiabank.

During the winter of 1928-29, Rev. Small continued his official duties as Moderator of the ACOP and travelled to the Maritime churches, leaving the Lindsay church in charge to Rev. & Mrs. Turvey and Mr. & Mrs. Black. Rev. Small returned for a short time in 1929 before heading back out west, this time leaving the newly formed church in the care of Rev. and Mrs. Peters. They were followed by Dr. and Mrs. Lang until the appointment of the church pastor Rev. R. A. Dawson in 1930.

Sister Denyer, on the steps of the Apostolic Church of Pentecost, Lindsay, after the church was remodelled in 1944.

Taken in 1944 at 20 Cambridge St. N., Lindsay
Photo reproduced from "The Post" December 17, 1977 titled 'Apostolic Church of Pentecost, 50 Years Of Service In Lindsay'

During 1934, the congregation moved to the Sutcliffe Building while renovations were being completed at 155 Kent St. West. That same year, they returned to The Apostolic Temple. In 1940, this church building was sold and the present building at 20 Cambridge St. N. was purchased. In 1941, after renovations, the church was dedicated as the Apostolic Church of Pentecost. More renovations were completed in 1944.

Rev. Dawson served the church for 19 years until 1949. During his pastorate in Lindsay, he held meetings in Pefferlaw, Cannington, Fenelon Falls, Coboconk and Norland. He also assisted Rev. Louis Mintz at Gooderham, Rev. Harry Mintz at Minden and Rev. Bert Mintz at Allsaw, conducting many revival meetings in tents. The result was the establishment of a church in Coboconk, where annual summer tent meetings were held for many years, on property specifically purchased for that purpose.

After Rev. Dawson left, Rev. Donald Scott was pastor until June 1950.

In July 1950, Rev. A. G. McPhail, his wife Hulda and their 3 sons arrived in Lindsay from Saskatchewan to pastor the church. A fourth son was born in Lindsay. Rev. 'Bert' McPhail pastored this work for 19 years until 1969. Rev. McPhail was followed by Rev. George and Lillian Shaw from 1969 until 1972, when Rev. Gary and Betty Penner came to pastor.

In 1974, construction began on an addition to the church, which would be utilized for both Sunday School and an Ontario Bible School for the Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada. The Eastern Canadian Apostolic Bible Institute was established and began classes in September 1974. The college ran for 3 years on these premises in Lindsay. In 1977 the Bible School, the annual summer camp, and a new church work combined efforts and purchased property near Fenelon Falls, now known as Shiloh Christian Centre.

In 1980, Rev. John and Lynn Taylor came to pastor the church in Lindsay. In 1984, Rev. Burrell Cross became interim pastor, until Shiloh Bible College student pastors Brian and Pam Farmer started their ministry at the Lindsay church in 1986. In July 1987, the Farmers were hired as full-time pastors by the 6 senior members who remained (with no guarantee of wages). The chapel had been closed and was in almost disrepair when they moved here, but Brian worked to restore it and services were moved from the Sunday School area back to the chapel.

Having raised their 3 sons here in Lindsay, they have seen many changes to the faces of their congregation over the past 25 years.

Today, Pastors Brian and Pam Farmer and the congregation of People's Full Gospel Church are proud and so thankful of the many hours of volunteer labour to be able to re-dedicate this church building to the furtherance of God’s kingdom.

May God richly bless those families who have ministered in this Apostolic work in Lindsay over the past 84 years.

September 2011